Citizen science is a unique opportunity to generate information on fish and waters at the Amazon Basin scale, and to involve citizens as informed and empowered stakeholders for the sustainable management of fisheries and the conservation of Amazonian wetlands.   

Citizen Science for the Amazon is a network of organizations collaborating to empower citizens and generate knowledge about fish and aquatic ecosystems in the Amazon Basin,

the world's largest freshwater system


May 7, 2018

Scientists join communities in collaborative research network

[Article available in Portuguese]

Thadeu Melo,  Iquitos. Perú


The fish monitoring app was first tested in the Citizen Science for the Amazon Partners’ Meeting in Iquitos, Peru. The app’s usage will be implemented in a series of pilot sites throughout the Amazon basin.

May 3, 2017

Citizen Science: new app will study Amazon fishes in real time

[Article available in Spanish]


The project gathered 34 organizations in order to launch an app aimed at widening the knowledge about conservation status of key fish species for food security and economic development in the region.